Virtual Administrator

Comprehensive office & business support services including mobile business, virtual assistant, virtual offices, meeting rooms, contact centres & document support.

Managed Services

Setup management controls for your business including client handling, in-office technical support, ICT systems development & third party services.

Business Development

Broad-based business development support services for financial, product, service, marketing, advertising, research, technical & operational projects.

Virtual Assistant with CTYoung Enterprises

Virtual Assistant

What is a virtual assistant? A Virtual Assistant is an office administration professional working remotely doing the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does.

With a lighter impact on both your balance & calendar, your virtual assistant mobilises your potential & effectiveness. Our virtual assistant services equip you with a professional or team of professionals while securing full privacy and non-disclosure.

Virtual Office Services with CTYoung

Virtual Office Services

Modern, mobile & technically able business is best supported by a virtual office base. Strengthening your business on both a global & local level.

What is a virtual office? A virtual office is a business location where customers or leads can call, send mail & leave messages in a real-world environment. With services from mailbox addresses, dedicated phone numbers & call centres, receptionist services & even meeting rooms, you can run a business from home, or a mobile business, whilst having trained professionals answering your calls, taking your messages and dealing with your physical mail.

Accounts Support by CTYoung

Virtual Accounting Support

Most large & established businesses employ a full time chief financial officer or accounts manager, who oversees the company’s financial situation and day to day book keeping.

With virtual accounting support startups, SMEs & local business can have the same accounting & financial control capabilities as a larger established company. While ensuring maximised privacy, security & non-disclosure of your information, being external to your business provides an impartial means to help identify risks & new opportunities. Enhancing startups, SMEs & local business with professional & cost-effective accounting assistance support services.

Administration Support by CTYoung

Administrator Support

Providing virtual, remote or in-office administrator support services enables your business to go truly mobile with minimised costs. Business administration support services can take care of the daily paperwork & admin tasks that draw you away from customers, leads & sales.

Virtual, remote & in-office business administration support services equip even established & larger companies during periods of increased workloads. These services also help to enhance growth & profitability in growing startups, SMEs & local businesses.

Legal Resource Support by CTYoung Enterprises

Compliance, Policy & Quality Support Services

Setting standards, making policy & performance of best practice can be made simple, effortless & cost-effective in the right hands. With admin support & managed services through a network of carefully selected services providers, you can secure piece-of-mind for your business.


Technical Support Services with CTYoung Enterprises

Technical Support Services

Information & communication technology (ICT) with all of the various technologies & devices in its sphere of influence, produces more costly headaches & hold-ups than any other factor in modern business. Minimize down-time & manage your technical issues simply with professional ICT support.